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Mission: Craft Distillery

Happy 2020! I hope your year has started out with a bang! Its unseasonably warm in North Carolina this time of year. Isn't it great how bourbon is delicious in any weather? I have find it to be most excellent in I sit on my front porch wearing shorts, wore out Rainbow sandals, and watch blossoming flowers. Flowers in January?!

Its been a while since the last Shot! update and A LOT has occurred in the past few months. For starters, after a 3 year search I was FINALLY able to purchase a building for a distillery. Let's just say...




The future home of 10,000 square feet of whiskey-aged bliss. Large enough for Tasting Room, production area, barrel storage AND an event space. So after years of hosting Whiskey Tasting Events & Workshops, I will have a location to host up to 200 people.

In addition to purchasing the building, I was finally able to secure a small business loan over the holidays. A very Merry Christmas to me! As it turns out, being rejected 11 times by lenders builds character. More banks swiped left to me than the ugliest mutants on Tinder. Luckily, persistence paid off and lender number 12 said yes!

That said, there is an exciting road ahead as I bring a new whiskey into the world. This blog will chart this journey moving forward. Don't worry, I have not forgot about the Whiskey Sommelier & Bourbon Steward duties...they are part of this process! Accompanying these updates will be YouTube videos (because what's better than Raw footage of shenanigans!) to provide unscripted insight into the life of a distiller & whiskey blender.

I invite to follow along: the good, the bad, failures and successes. And so this journey begins...