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Augusta Road Trip with No Golf? The Whiskey Bar Kitchen

The Daily Shot!

Augusta, GA is a mecca for golf in the United States. While visiting recently, I unfortunately had no time to play with the world’s club-swinging elite. Our schedules just didn’t match up I guess. However, I did venture into a sweet whiskey watering hole that’s worth a visit if ever in town…

The Whiskey Bar Kitchen.

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Great name, I know. Straight forward. No wine cooler lovers need apply.

About the place…

In 2012, when brothers Kenny and Bobby Morrison set out to establish a bar & restaurant in Augusta, it had to be a unique reflection of their family’s Japanese-American roots. The result was creatively delicious menu filled with authentic Japanese cuisine and complimented with American-style pub food.

And the whiskey? Over 200 from 7 regions around the world. Plenty to erase the woes of losing out in another lottery for tickets at the Master’s.

Fortunately, there is no Augusta National Club exclusivity at this joint. Whiskey-loving laymen of all varieties are welcome here.

Located in the historic downtown and a brisk walk from the Savannah River, the Whiskey Bar Kitchen is anything but elitist. The ambiance of exposed brick and untouched concrete floors provide a nice rustic family friendly atmosphere to enjoy your beverage. Whiskey barrel heads from Highland Park, Buffalo Trace, Pendleton, and others are mounted throughout the walls to accentuate that the fact that this is a serious enthusiasts retreat.

Faced with a daunted whiskey selection spread across the length of the bar, the bartenders offer a gentle hand to guide your Spirit experience. Newbies to bourbon often enjoy Blanton’s, Basil Haydens, and Four Roses. Exotic whisky lovers can sample a spice and fruity dram of Rampur Single Malt from Radico Khaitan, India’s oldest distillery. I opted for a copper pour of Freddie Noe’s (Fred Noe’s son) Little Book Bourbon to cap the night. It’s a stout cask strength blended whiskey and enjoyed with a splash of water.

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The bar’s Signature Cocktails features some unique twists on some traditional whiskey favorites. The WB(k) Manhatten with Tom Branch Rye Whiskey adds orange inspired Gran Marnier to the traditional mix of vermouth and bitters. Bitter, sweet, boozey, with a orange zing! The WB(k) Old Fashioned with Four Roses Bourbon features Peyschund and Angostura Bitters. The lighter bodied Peyschund adds another layer of depth to the traditional recipe without overpowering the drink.

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Not to be overshadowed, the food selection provides a killer variety of dishes to please your pallet. The finger-licking Emerald Isle Edamame sautéed in garlic butter, whiskey, and sea salt is the best in the city (remember the first time you discovered Dorito’s on your fingers?). In the mood for something light? Try the Banzai Seaweed Salad with crab meat and ginger. Tough night out? Try the Elway, a mile-high burger with 2 Super Bowl onion rings, BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, and sharp cheddar, on a croissant bun. Legit Japanese cuisine? The Katsu Curry Rice with an authentic Japanese style gravy is fantastic. A Panko breaded pork loin with katsu sauce, steamed white rice, mixed greens, and miso-ginger.

Boom! Another Whiskey Road Trip shot of knowledge!


Emerald Isle Edamame paired with Rampur Single Malt

WB(k) Manhattan

Little Book Bourbon

Number of Whiskeys: 200+

Address: 1048 Broad St, Augusta, GA 30901