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    Brandon McCraney is a Distiller, Whiskey Blender, and Whiskey Sommelier who's passion to dissect all things whiskey has lead to adventures throughout the country. His expertise includes Spirit Tastings, Food Pairings, Distillation, Blending and sharing little known truths of the whiskey world. When not exploring the world of whiskey, his time is spent enjoying life in Raleigh, NC with his wife, Nicole, and their 3 kids, Sloane, Reese, and Jake, and english bulldog, Bruno Dunglebrush.



    Industry Accolades & Affiliations

    Whiskey Sommelier III | Executive Bourbon Steward

    Institute of Brewing & Distilling UK | Moonshine University Alumni

    American Distilling Institute




    Bachelor's, Business Management, North Carolina State University, '04

    Master's, Business Administration, University of Cincinnati, '06

    Master's, Sustainability & Environmental Management, Harvard University, '13

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    The Basics, Musings, and Libations. A Minute shot of whiskey knowledge!

    There are two ways to spell whiskey: ending with a “y” or an “ey.” Knowing what spelling to use...
    Augusta, GA is a mecca for golf in the United States. While visiting recently, I unfortunately...
    How was the West won? Whiskey. Tons of whiskey. Well, there were a few other minor variables...
    Sifting through the vast selection of bourbons at a liquor store one should easily find several...
    What a week! Barely any Shots! What gives?! Raw has been on a hiatus in Texas at the Whiskey...
    The 1920’s were a tough decade in the United States. An entire decade of no whiskey would keep...
    Shots! Washington Apples. Perverted Irishmen. 3 Wise Men. Cement Mixers. On and on…. A...
    Whiskey Cocktail Basics: the Old-Fashioned. History class… The Old-Fashioned claims roots...
    The market for small batch bourbon is skyrocketing across the globe. As the craft market expands,...
    The 1970’s and 80’s were a tough dog fight for whiskey against vodka. Clear spirit popularity had...
    Russell’s Reserve 10 Year, Weller 12 Year, Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year. Just a small sample of well...
    America’s first bottled bourbon was Old Forester. The date? 1870. The main reason for bottling...
    George Washington had a soft spot for whiskey. Aside from squashing the Whiskey Rebellion (and in...
    1920 was a difficult year for whiskey drinkers. This marked the beginning of 13 years of...
    Labor Day Weekend. One last bitter-sweet celebration to draw summer to close. In the spirit of...
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