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    Intro & Building Tour

    ​It's whiskey or bust! VLOG intro and and distiller's background. A nickel tour of the building located in Zebulon, NC.

    Demo begins & water flows!

    Demo begins on Olde Raleigh Distillery. A one man army clears 10,000 square feet of ceiling and finds a lost treasure in the rafters.

    A Trip to Wine School & Demo Continues!

    Destruction continues in the distillery. A break from the action is taken to attend a Court of Master Sommelier's Wine Course. Return to the distillery to find a Bobcat removing the poison ivy

    jungle of death.



    "Brandon McCraney is a new business owner in Zebulon. He's been hard at work renovating a building in the heart of Zebulon's downtown, and it will be the site of Olde Raleigh Distillery..."

    Whiskey & Food Pairing

    Event at The State Club

    A behind the scenes look at what goes into hosting a whiskey/bourbon tasting and food pairing event. From planning and discussing food pairings with the culinary team, to the flow of presentation during the event, the emcee provides a candid video into an event in Raleigh, NC.​

    Cost Overruns, Sweat Equity

    & Demo Permit

    The Proprietor of Olde Raleigh Distillery finds a way to save money the old fashioned way: sweat equity. A Demo Permit is approved by the County and allows for trench work to begin for the building. The distillery enters month 3 in design drawing review and makes final modifications to resubmit for approval.

  • A Distiller and Master Blender whose passion is dissecting the world of whiskey. Brandon promotes the craft distiller and world of whiskey by sharing the journey of opening his family-owned Olde Raleigh Distillery. His mission is to be a voice for craft distillers, whiskey blenders, and provide unique insights for spirits enthusiasts.


    Accolades & Affiliations

    Whiskey Sommelier III | Executive Bourbon Steward

    Institute of Brewing & Distilling UK | Moonshine University Alumni

    GuildSomm | American Distilling Institute

    United State Air Force Veteran



    Bachelor's, Business Management, North Carolina State University

    Master's, Business Administration, University of Cincinnati

    Master's, Sustainability & Environmental Management, Harvard University



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