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Behind the Scenes of a Bourbon & Whiskey Tasting

The past few years I have had the opportunity to host many whiskey & bourbon themed events. These occasions are so much fun! I mean what's not to love about sharing the finer points of this heavenly spirit with a room full of like-minded people. Recently, I was asked to be the emcee an event for The State Club's Bourbon Society located in Raleigh. The Bourbon Society typically draws a crowd of 25-40 liquid amber-loving fellow Wolfpack Alumni for an evening of fine spirits, excellent food and belly-aching laughter.

Each attendee enjoys a tasting of 4 whiskies paired with a food course. Tasting notes and fun facts about each brand are shared while enjoying the company of a thoughtfully-crafted meal. The evening concludes with a dessert and a select whiskey giveaway to one lucky winner. The event lasts 2-3 can carry on later if the crowd is having a good time.

While the Event is designed to entertain, what most people do not have the pleasure of seeing is the magic behind the scenes to make the occasion a hit. The weeks of preparation leading up to the event: event theme, whiskey selection, food pairing, plating, decorations, timing for each course, front house coordination. I captured some of this footage during the event and hope you enjoy it....

The event was a great success! The Culinary Team & Front House Staff were exceptional (as always). #GoPack

In other news....

It appears all of the commotion from the demo on Arendell Avenue caught the media's attention. EW22 stopped by the distillery to air a story about Olde Raleigh! It is great to see the word start to spread amongst the community. Since it aired, numerous people have offered to lend a hand to help with demo. Here's what's special about this -- We have never met...not a single word!...just kind people excited to bring a new business to downtown Zebulon. So thankful to be part of such a community.

Until next time...more demo videos coming!