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Demo Begins on Olde Raleigh Distillery

Olde Raleigh Distillery is off to the races!

Demo has begun in the building. Essentially this entails yours truly climbing up and down a ladder +300 times to remove ceiling tiles and insulation. Its a tedious task and have found it to be a great stress reliever.

Stress…what stress?!

Building layout. Architects. Engineers. Business Loan. Equipment ordering Social Media (and my lack of understanding). Federal permitting. Fire codes.

…all the cool stuff one obviously thinks about when they sip bourbon and think its a good idea to open a distillery. Where’s the videos of Mila Kunis, Ryan Reynolds, or Matthew McConaughey doing this stuff?!


During completion of the ceiling tile removal another milestone occurred: We now have running water (woohoo)!

After purchasing the building, the county had informed me the building’s water line was not in compliance. It needed a back flow preventer…I’ll spare the details of why or what this is…just know this costs around $2500 and kept me from having a functioning bathroom.

On that note, I’d like to thank Debnam’s Hardware down the street for unknowingly being my sole source of potty breaks for 2 months. They were most kind. I now have a collection of gently used tools purchased out of guilt whenever I felt they were catching on to me.

Lastly, in between ladder-climbing duty, three new Whiskey/Bourbon Tasting Events were booked. The Whiskey Sommelier/Bourbon Steward activities are alive and doing quite well. I look forward to having a permanent location to host these unique experiences soon!

Up next time on the Shot!...removal of the aluminum track ceiling and dealing with the poison ivy jungle in the back alley.