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Medicinal Use Whiskey

The Daily Shot!

1920 was a difficult year for whiskey drinkers. This marked the beginning of 13 years of Prohibition in the U.S. During this period, the manufacturing, storage, transportation, sale, possession, and consumption of whiskey was deemed illegal.

So, what do you when your favorite spirit is taken from you? Get creative!

The creative solution was alcohol use for Medicinal Purpose.That’s right potheads, the whiskey crowd was decades ahead of you in these shenanigans!

…and shenanigans and big business it was!

During this time period a physician, veterinarian, or dentist was allowed to write a prescription for a pint of alcohol every 10 days. These prescriptions were in such demand, over 15,000 medicinal permits were applied for by physicians in the first 6 months of Prohibition alone! The physicians made tons of money in this racket. $3 per prescription plus the “patient” shelled out another $3-4 for the whiskey.

It was an absolute circus! Sore knee? Going bald?? Paper cut??? No worries, have a pint! Let’s make it legitimate and add some doctor’s orders: “Consume three ounces every hour for stimulant until stimulated.”

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Beyond the foolery, the medicinal use market allowed for whiskey to survive Prohibition. It gave our country’s most historical whiskies producers a life line. Only a few made it through this time! Without it, the U.S. whiskey scene as we know it today would not exist!

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!

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