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Labor Day High Balls

The Daily Shot!

Labor Day Weekend. One last bitter-sweet celebration to draw summer to close. In the spirit of the occasion, how about a simple whiskey concoction to accompany the extra day of leisure?

The Highball.

Recipe: A shot of whiskey. Sparkling water. Ice.

That’s it! This is literally the world’s simplest cocktail.

The Highball’s origin dates back to the 1890’s. At the time, scotch and soda was immensely popular at bars. The bartenders would mix the drink and pour it in a high ball glass (ball: slang for glass at the time). Round after round, the bar pigeons would order by yelling at the bartender and pointing at their tall, empty glass. This whiskey concoction assumed the name of the glass and has never looked back!

Looking for a whiskey cocktail to enjoy throughout the day, while leaving you functional at night? Try a Highball! The Highball is also the perfect companion for a day at the pool (as in today!). Why not substitute that 6 pack of beer with your favorite whiskey and soda?

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New to the world of whiskey and still gaining a taste for it? The Highball is great way to experience whiskey and avoid the burn. You might be surprised how quickly the flavor nuances emerge when your palate is not pulling the fire alarm!

Enjoy the day off and have a Highball!

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!