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George Washington's

Crash Course in Whiskey

The Daily Shot!

George Washington had a soft spot for whiskey. Aside from squashing the Whiskey Rebellion (and in doing so, became the only acting Presidential badass to lead a militia in field), he understood the Spirits’ kindred role in the community. It’s also noteworthy, all guilty parties involved in the Rebellion were eventually pardoned. Now go make me some booze boys! The rye whiskey-producing distillers undoubtedly had a lasting impression on the nation’s first President.

How so?

During this time one of two things must have happened. Either G.W. consumed an unforgettable rye whiskey with his militia comrades or he gained a strong appreciation for the passionate Pennsylvania distillers. Less than 3 years after the Whiskey Rebellion the nation’s first president was operating a distillery!

This was no 5-gallon micro still hidden in your attic either. With 3 pot stills totaling 616 gallons and over 50 mash tubs, his operation was one of the largest in the country.

..and what did he make?

Rye Whiskey! How about the mash bill? 60% Rye, 35% Corn, and 5% malted barley. Hell, I bet G.W. traded distiller tips and recipes during the Rebellion in exchange for a pardon. CONSPIRACY THEORY: The Whiskey Rebellion was Moonshine University for our first President.

Here’s to you Mr. President.

Boom! Another Shot of Knowledge!