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Grain Irish Whiskey101

The Daily Shot! Aug 4, 2018

Grain Irish whiskey is an interesting fellow. Rarely found alone, it plays well with others and invited to most parties.

He’s hardly the life of the party though.

The ladies swipe left most of the time as he has little personality. Its’ cool though cause at least Grain shows up with a 6 pack and really listens to me!

Popular and boring, great stuff. So how does this translate to whiskey talk?

Grain Irish Whiskey is made from umalted grains in a Column (Coffey) still. The whiskey is typically distilled at as high proof alcohol for the purpose of blending with other whiskies. These unmalted, high proof spirits have a more neutral flavor. The higher the proof alcohol, one can expect a more neutral flavor. This is why Vodka, distilled at 190 proof, is a flavorless spirit.

Since Grain Whiskey is more neutral in character, it balances well with single pot still or single malt whiskies to create a magical blends. These Whiskey Blends are the popular Irish treat. Grain Whiskey is chilling in the background but a part of most every bottle.

If found at a store, once would find it in aged form (to build some flavor) as Single Grain Whiskey. See yesterday’s shot, Single Grain Irish Whiskey 101, for recommendations!

Grain Whiskey, that guy you know but don’t know.

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!