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Blended Irish Whiskey 101

The Daily Shot! Aug 6, 2018

Outside of Ireland, when someone requests an Irish Whisky at a bar they are most likely to receive a Blended Irish Whiskey. At most establishments in the U.S. that whiskey blend will be Jameson.

Jameson is the best-selling Irish Whiskey in the world.

So, what makes Blended Whiskey different from the other 4 types of whiskey?

Blended Irish Whiskey is a blend of whiskeys made from both pot and column stills. It is the culmination of 300 years in Irish distillation’s twists and turns: All that is great from the craft.

How so?

1700’s Taxation on Malt. The Irish pivoted and started to use unmalted barley. Boom! Add it to the blend!

Invention of the Coffey Still. A new way to make booze? Boom! Add it to the blend!

Traditional practice of using Pot Stills for whiskey. Boom! Add it to the blend!

Grain whiskies? Boom! Add it to the blend!

Double distillation? A smooth whiskey? Add it to the blend!

Triple distillation? An even smoother whiskey? Add it to the blend!

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Irish Whiskey Blends to know at a U.S. bar: Jameson, Tullamore Dew (#2 best seller), Bushmills, and Kilbeggan.

Irish Blended Whiskey is typically smooth on the palate and a friendly gateway spirit for those interested in whiskey exploration. As the fastest growing spirit over the past 2 decades, the Blend has lea the charge in the Irish Whiskey revival. Cheers to Irish!

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!