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Single Grain Irish Whiskey 101

The Daily Shot! August 3, 2o18

If you have the taste for bourbon and seek an entry point into Irish Whiskey, a Single Grain bottle could be a good bet.

So, what is Single Grain Irish Whiskey?

Single Grain is whiskey made from malted barley and additional grains in a single distillery. The term single is misleading as it refers to the whiskey being produce at one distillery.

There can be numerous other grains (not just one) in in addition to barley. The higher the content of these other grains, the greater the potential for the whiskey to resemble an unaged American Whiskey. If using corn the greater potential for bourbon-like qualities.

The practice of aging in used oak barrels adds a mellow profile of character notes for the Irish compared to our U.S. version. Though there is a clear connection between the two whiskey compadres. U.S. distilleries ships over some of there empty, used barrels for the Irish to age its whiskey. So rest assured a few savory drops of your favorite bourbon makes its way into a bottle of Irish Whiskey!

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2 popular Irish Single Grain Irish Whiskies to know: Teeling Single Grain, Kilbeggan Single Grain. Always ask specifically for the Single Grain. Teeling and Kilbeggan produce several different whiskies under their name!

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!

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