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1,000,000 Gallon Small Batch Whiskey

The Daily Shot! July 23, 2018

Have you noticed “Small Batch” bottles scattered about the shelves of your local liquor store? It’s a growing trend who’s roots date back to 1992 and the introduction of Knob Creek; a spinoff off brand from Jim Beam Distillery. There was interest among whiskey drinkers for something off the beaten path of the big boy varieties (Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels). Marry this with the explosion of the craft distiller scene and Small Batch became a "must have" in inventory.

Want in on an unspoken insider secret? There is absolutely no regulation on the what defines a “Small Batch” whiskey! 1,000,000 gallon “Small Batch”? Totally possible. Omit 1,000,000 and we have “premium” small batch bottle!

Simply stated, Small Batch is clever marketing designed to entice a purchase.

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Marketers need something that will catch our eye...we can be picky snobs and whiskey producers need to pay the bills! Small batch? It MUST be special...I'll take two bottles!

That’s not too say Small Batch whiskies are not worth buying. Many are excellent quality (I have several amber jewels in the Raw Office). At least next time, when you make the purchase, it’s based on taste preference and not marketing hype.

Boom! Another Daily Shot of knowledge!