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Johnnie Walker, A Crash Course in the World’s #1 Selling Scotch

The Daily Shot! July 22, 2018

The title for world’s most popular Scotch belongs to Johnnie Walker. It’s found at most bars so why not be educated on it!

John Walker was a real person and sold whisky out of a grocery store in the early 1800s. His son and grandson, Alec & Alexander, grabbed the torch and are largely responsible for growing the business to what it is today.

It was originally called “Old Highland Whisky” and was rebranded “Johnnie Walker” in 1909…because cool, hip Johnnie sounds like a lot more fun than responsible, stiff John.

The folks at Johnnie Walker must have also been Tavern regulars as they were pioneers at differentiating the bottle amongst the crowd.

Hey, it’s hard to read the labels when I’m half buzzed and across the bar! No worries, Johnnie slanted the label 24 degrees for ease of view.

Why can’t your whiskies be pretty different colored labels so I don’t have to think as much? Great idea, how about red, black, and white.

How about a cool little doodle character on the bottle? You got it! The Striding Man was born.

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Johnnie Walker has a portfolio of whiskies, and best known for its Red, Black, and Blue labels. Yes, there are others (Green, Swing, Double Black) but let’s cover the big hitters. Each targeting a specific spirit occasion.

The Red Label is the base whisky of the brand. A whiskey blend of ~35 grain and malt whiskies, its a bit rough around the edges and commonly used in mixed drinks. Red Label was rumored to be the preferred scotch and soda of choice of Winston Churchhill. Great prop idea for Saturday night role play!

The Black Label is the more refined whisky, and great neat/on the rocks. It is the self-proclaimed benchmark for all other premium whiskey blends; a blend of at least 40 whiskies, all of which are at least 12 years old.

The Blue Label is the luxury brand intended for a special occasion. Although if a friend has this occasion everyday hang out with them more often! This blend is comprised of 16 rare whiskies and is a bit more peat influence than the Red and Black label.

If you have a few extra minutes and a Jude Law fan check this out...

You’re welcome! The essence of Blue Label. Where’s my glass?