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The World’s Greatest Club Bouncer

The Daily Shot! July 7, 2018

The distillation process is a lot like a scene from Roadhouse. As the party heats up, there are always a few characters that get kicked out before last call.

Luckily for us Whiskey drinkers, we have the Patrick Swayze of bouncers guarding the door: Copper.

Let’s just call him Copper Swayze.

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Besides making Stills sexy works of art, Copper defends our whiskey turf with heroic fury against the town hot head Sulfur.

Sulfur smells like rotten eggs and aims to trash our Whiskey party. Literally, your sweet bottle of amber gold would smell like rotten eggs if not for copper.

But Copper is good…it’s very good. Like Swayze, 100% of the time it wins every time. Grabbing Sulfur by the shirt, pool stick to the face, and wrestles it to ground. Science talk - Copper combines with sulfur to create copper sulfate *BOOM! shot of science knowledge.

So, Copper isn’t just a pretty face. It has real game and we need it to enjoy a good night of whiskey.

Thank you Copper Swayze.


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