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Jack Daniels, Global Dominator

The Daily Shot! July 8, 2018

he world’s best-seller of whiskey is none other than the pride of Tennessee: Jack Daniels.
Last year alone, the flagship Black Label (Old No. 7) sold more than 12,500,000 cases. That’s over 2.5 BILLION shots of booze…or one for every person in China, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and Mexico!
The globe clearly enjoys Tennessee whiskey (def. bourbon made in Tennessee with the added step of filtering through sugar maple charcoal before barreling). Ironically, the town of Lynchburg, where the distillery is located, has been dry (meaning they don’t sell booze) since 1910 (Prohibition). Like all good booze-loving folk, the distillery figured out a nice work-around and is allowed to sell “souvenir bottles” to visitors.

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The “Old No. 7” on the label was the government registration number assigned to the distillery in Moore County. A few years later the government re-drew the district and it was assigned distillery number 16. Jack said screw that non-sense and kept his #7 on the label anyways. It has never changed.


Young Whiskey Jedi Caution, never mention “Bourbon” and “Jack Daniels” in the same sentence while visiting Tennessee. From experience, you are better off wearing a Red Sox jersey to a Yankees game.
Boom! Another shot of whiskey knowledge!