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Blended Scotch: A Stable full of Ponies

The Daily Shot!

Blended scotch is the whiskey of the masses. And the Scots, well, they take blending to a whole new level of seriousness.

Who hates one a trick pony? A Scottish Master Blender that’s who.

These artisans mix and max stables of trick ponies all day in search of the perfect finish. It’s not uncommon for a Master Blender to use 40 different whiskies to create a Blended Scotch.

Johnnie Walker Black label ring a bell? That’s right, 40 varieties in that sweet bottle of juice!

If you recall from yesterday, the two building blocks of Scotch are Single Malt and Single Grain.

Cheat Sheet:

Single Malt: Scotch made from malted barley and water at one distillery

Single Grain – Scotch made malted barley, additional grain(s), and water at one distillery.

From these two types create blended scotch. Blends are by far the most popular choice for enthusiasts (~90% of global sales). All Blends are divided into 3 basic categories: Blended Malt, Blended Grain, and Blended Scotch.

Blended Malt – two or more single malt Scotch whiskies from different distilleries.

Examples include Monkey Shoulder and Naked Grouse

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Blended Grain - two or more single grain scotch whiskies from different distilleries.

Examples include Compass Box’s Hedonism and 808

Blended Scotch (most popular group of trick ponies) - one or more single malt Scotch whiskies with one or more single grain Scotch whiskies.

Examples include Chivas Regal, Dewar’s, and Johnnie Walker (Red, Black, Blue Label).

So, Scotch blends are no one trick pony. Hell no! They are the world’s most popular whiskey class; providing a stable full of flavor in every glass.