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Whiskey Somm'n & English Whisky

The Daily Shot!

What a week! Barely any Shots! What gives?!

Raw has been on a hiatus in Texas at the Whiskey Marketing School for Whisk(e)y Sommelier Level 3 course. Great news is I passed the exam and the giant Mr. T medallion some flare! Unfortunately, I also severely underestimated one’s ability to write after consuming +12 hours of Scotch each day.

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The core group of Level 3 Sommelier's hooligans. We just grew to 27 strong globally!

Moving on to some whiskey knowledge...

English Whisky. Ever hear of it? Most have not!

In 1905, the last whisky distillery in England (Lea Valley Distillery) ceased operation. Suppose they enjoyed the vacation as the hiatus from whisky production would ensue for the better part of 100 years. Why waste time when the Scots & Irish are a brisk boat ride away!

With the rise in whisky popularity, the English finally returned to production in 2003. The royal family was ecstatic! So much in fact, Prince Charles presided over the opening ceremony of the St. George Distillery in 2007.

That’s great and all, but what about the whisky and the taste?

The English Whisky (notice the spelling) style is akin to Scotch. As the movement is only 15 years old, an enthusiast can expect a younger-aged whisky than that of its Scot brethren. In many ways, it’s the European equivalent of comparing the new American Craft Distiller bourbons to the old-aged Kentucky powerhouses (Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, etc). This expansion of whisky options is a great thing...keep an open mind!

At last count, there were 7 distilleries producing English Whisky. Thus, sampling the entire portfolio is manageable. Good luck accomplishing this feat for Scotch or Bourbon and living to tell about it!

Recommendations for the English spirit? For starters, try The English Original Single Malt Whisky. A light-bodied spirit with subtle vanilla cream notes, aged in Bourbon barrels produced by the St. George Distillery...Prince Charles approved!

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!