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Whiskey: Essential Oils of the Middle Ages

The Daily Shot, July 4, 2018

Whiskey was known to have numerous medicinal powers in the middle ages. Much of this was never really proven and that was fine (cause sometimes, hell, we all just need an excuse), making it the Essential Oils of the time period. Hieronymus Brunschwig, a 15th Century Physician, identified many benefits he believed liquor provided*. A highlight of these benefits and its likely Essential Oils blend equivalent today include:

Comforts the heart. Essential Oils Bachelorette Finale.

Cures and heals all diseases in the bladder. Essential Oils Busted Pipes.

Cures the bites of a rabid dog. Essential Oils No Means No Cujo.

Causes good memory. Essential Oils Every Wife Uses Against Her Husband.

Gives a person good color. Essential Oils Neon Tan.

Cures baldness by causing the hair to grow. Essential Oils Coach Jimmy Johnson

Kills body lice and fleas. Essential Oils You are a Dirty Hamster.

Eases the diseases caused by cold. Essential Oils White Walker: Winter Is Coming.  

Draws the wind out of the body. Essential Oils Harry Potter and the Legend of Sucker Punch.  

Provides courage**. No Oil equivalents....I have observed this to be true on many occasions.

Note, Oils experts were not consulted in the creation of the above list.
Whiskey: the spirit of countless medicinal cures!
Boom! A diffused shot of knowledge.


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