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The Only Way to Enjoy Bourbon

The Daily Shot!

The bottle of bourbon has been patiently awaiting your arrival all day. Well, that’s not exactly fair. More specifically it’s a Henry McKenna 10-year bourbon and has been patiently waiting 10 years…plus another season for growing the grain…and add another 20-60 years for the oak trees. ~70 years of buddha-like patience waiting for your arrival! Really places into perspective my sissy half hour spent sitting in the mall parking waiting for my wife yesterday!

So, the time arrives to enjoy your amber liquid treat. You have options and don’t want to look foolish. What’s a person to do? What is the “right” way to enjoy bourbon?

“Neat?” Oh yes, yes, it must be neat as that is what all the older connoisseur “experts” do.

“On the rocks?” Oh Yes, it cools and opens up the bourbon to unlock all its magical flavors!

“With a splash of water?” Oh yes, a few drops to take the edge off really open up the palate!

“I heard you aren’t a real bourbon drinker if you add Coke to bourbon?” Is bourbon in your glass? Boom! You are drinking real bourbon!

“But it’s a 10-year Bourbon! Add Coke?! How dare they!” If someone is willing to pay a premium for a 10 year bourbon and add coke I want to hang out with them! Buy me a shot while you’re at it!

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In short, there is no best way to enjoy Bourbon. It’s however the hell you prefer to drink it. It’s your glass! Me? Well I prefer a neat two finger pour neat in a Glencairn glass. That said, pop a top of soda if it tickles your fancy!

And if some whiskey “expert” says any different tell them to quit being a pretentious a**hole and pass the bottle!

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!