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The Irish Boxing Champion: 19th Century History. Part 2 of 3

The Daily Shot! July 30, 2018

The 19th Century witnessed a meteoric rise of Irish Whiskey to become the Spirit's heavyweight champion of the world. With the benefit of expansive ship trade, the unprecedented growth was fueled by the two key milestones.

The first was an Act in 1823 lowering taxes on distilleries. The ease in burden paved the way for underground distillers to go legit. The glory days are upon us gents!!!

The second headliner was the invention of the Coffey Still. In short, the Coffey Still produced more whiskey, at lower cost, faster, and non-stop. Though it had clear production benefits, it was met by a few detractors within the Irish Spirit community. The licensed pot still-producing distillery giants in Dublin were not a fan. For the better part of 90 years, some entertaining pissing contests would ensue over which Still produces “real Irish Whiskey.”

Ultimately the Royal Commission had to engage and would determine that both Pot Stills and Coffey Stills could be used to create Irish Whiskey. Hurray! Everybody gets a trophy! Thus, two types of Irish whiskey were now “officially” recognized.

Despite the internal urinary jabbing, popularity for Irish Whiskey continued to climb to at an all-time high by the end of the century…we’re talking 12 million cases of year. In doing so, it had captured the attention of the masses and became the global favorite.

The Irish Contender had made it to the top: Champion, World’s #1 Spirit. The golden age for Irish Whiskey.

It would not last long...

Boom! Another Daily Shot of Knowledge!

Tomorrow Shot: The Irish Boxing Phoenix: 20th Century History. Part 3 of 3.

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