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Port Finished Revival

The Daily Shot!

We are in the midst of a whiskey renaissance. Barrels of fiery, amber liquid are being produced at a faster rate today than ever before. Accompanying this monumental output are new varieties of whiskey.

A U.S. market trend recently is to finish bourbon in various wine varieties or port barrels. If you have yet to venture off the traditional path and do your taste buds a favor! There are some excellent whiskies out there that offer a complex bouquet of flavor. Whether one is still gaining the taste for bourbon or an old Kentucky-loving veteran, there is much to explore and enjoy.

Still gaining the taste for whiskey but a fan of wine? Excellent! Try Amador Double Barrel, a Kentucky Bourbon finished in Napa Valley wine barrels. For those big money ballers try Blood Oath ($100+ retail), a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in cabernet sauvignon barrels.

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Scotch fans still suspect of bourbon? Try Isaac Bowman, a Bourbon finished in Port Barrels. Yes, the same types of Port Barrels your beloved Scotch is also finished in! Side Plug: Isaac Bowman is a feature at The State Club Bourbon Society's Event Sept 6.

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Foodies? Try Joseph Magnus, a bourbon finished in Sherry and Cognac casks. Angels Envy, bourbon finished in a port barrel is a great pairing an fairly accessible at ABC Stores. Pair with your favorite dark chocolate dessert.

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“Hey, Bourbon can’t be aged in anything but unused oak containers!” Great observation! Someone actually reads the Daily Shot!! You are correct young whiskey jedi. The moment the bourbon enters the wine/port barrels it loses the classification. The labels will state “…Bourbon…finished in…” Remember, it’s all about the marketing. Bourbon appeals to the masses!

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!