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Origin of Bourbon: A French Royal Meets Virginia

The Daily Shot! July 11, 2018


Independence Day. The annual celebration of this country’s founding fathers giving a John Hancock middle finger to England in search of freedom. It’s quite fitting we explore the origin of the bourbon name around this time of celebration.


During the American Revolutionary War, the colonists were hell bent on victory and welcomed allies. The King of France, Louis XVI, was a big supporter of the colonists, middle fingers, and happy to oblige.


We won (shocker)!


In 1785, the Union showed its appreciation to France by renaming a part of Fayette County, Virginia in honor of the French royal House of Bourbon.


Bourbon County, Virginia.


The county later became a part of Kentucky when it was admitted into the Union in 1792.


So, our national spirit’s name has French roots and the original founding turf of Bourbon whiskey was Virginia.