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Magnum PI & the Rise of the Perverted Irishmen

The Daily Shot!


Washington Apples. Perverted Irishmen. 3 Wise Men. Cement Mixers. On and on….

A handful of Saturday night bad decisions and regrets awaits! I've observed many walks of shame in my day.

These quick-fix alcohol bombs are adored by chaos reckoned college-age kids around the country. Where did this flash pan culture of drunken non-sense begin? Surely someone is to blame for this culture in America?

Indeed! The parents of these shot-taking knuckleheads!

Wait, what in the hell? That is preposterous!

The rise of the shot (or shooter) craze occurred in the 70’s & 80’s. Young disco-dancing, Magnum P.I. watching drinking enthusiasts wanted no part of their parent’s stiff Manhattan’s or Old -Fashioned. Do the math…50 & 60’s…a revolt against the Mad Men-era parents!

This crowd wanted a quick buzzworthy fix similar to what one might experience as they “expand their horizons” with mind-altering drugs. They didn't have the patience or interest in enjoying a good bourbon.

The answer? Shots! (the term Shooter also used interchangeably).

Hey, I drink whiskey neat! I’m no Footloose, Fact of Life watching hooligan!

Want a more “refined” way order your drink? Ask for a “one-finger” or “two-finger” pour (one finger: one shot, two finger: double shot).

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!

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