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In the beginning…whiskey!

The Daily Shot, July 2, 2018

The origin of the whiskey name is traced back a few hundred years across the pond in Ireland and/or Scotland. No one knows exactly which one because most of those consuming it could not write; or thought to document it. Thus, in tracing the origin of whiskey we can also conclude drunk scribing was not “a thing” back then.

Back in those days, alcohol was known as "aqua vitae;" the water of life. Aqua vitae translated in Scottish Gaelic is “uisge-beatha.” (prounounced "ooshga beha") Over the course of time, and many entertaining nights of drunken Braveheart heroism, the people grew tired of pronouncing two words to get one drink so they shortened it to what it is affectionately called today: whiskey.
The “Uisce beatha” during this period had a slim resemblance to the whiskey of today. The Friar or farmer (aka the distiller) could (and would!) throw just about anything in the spirit to take the edge off. Imagine a bottle of Grandpa's white lightning in a jug mixed with honey, herbs, fruit, and this is likely the outcome…or a more refined barley version of that shitty knockout punch consumed during college.
BOOM! A one minute shot of knowledge.