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Frozen in Time

The Daily Shot! July 13, 2018

Once there was a beautiful young lady from Toledo, OH who ventured upon a Senior High School Trip to Europe. A foreign world where booze is legal to drink at 18.


Upon arrival to this exotic land an abundance of booze flowing at every restaurant.


Sweet. Delicious. Wine.


$2 bottles of wine at that. The fancy upper crust stuff!


At the end of her trip she wished to return home with one special bottle of wine as a keepsake of her Euro experience. After much careful penny counting deliberation, she found the perfect bottle recommended by a local.

Ever so gently, she packed the bottle in her suitcase and began the voyage home to America’s heartland. Aside from the usual souvenir molestation by Customs Agents, the bottle returned home in one piece!


The young lady was consumed with joy and stored the bottle for a special occasion. Say, 16 years later, when her significant other runs out of vino and needs a quick refill before the next Peaky Blinders episode.


The beautiful young lady uncorks the bottle reliving all the fond memories of her trip…and the taste…


SH*T! Absolute SH*T! A toxic mouthful of vinegar, battery acid, and rage! 16 years of anticipation for nothing! Sorry dear.


Luckily, that problem doesn’t happen to whiskey. Whiskey does not age in a sealed bottle. If unopened, it will remain frozen in time.

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!