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Booker Noe, Father of Small Batch

The Daily Shot!

The market for small batch bourbon is skyrocketing across the globe. As the craft market expands, this whiskey niche is adding new varieties at an accelerated rate. Lucky for us, it also signifies an opportunity to experience new distiller expressions. Challenge accepted!

Before embarkment this weekend, let’s have a little 101 lesson and cover its origins…

1) There is no definition for small batch. Anyone is free to place it on a label. Remember 1,000,000 gallon small batch?

2) This small batch craze is only 26 years old.

So how did this craze start?

The date was 1992. The master-mind behind this movement? A gentleman by the name of Booker Noe.

Booker Noe was a Master Distiller of Jim Beam at the time. Observing the great success of Elmer T. Lee’s Single Barrel Blanton Bourbon success in the 1980’s, Booker set out to create a premium batched selection of multi barreled bourbon varieties. The result of this effort were the four original Rockstar small batch bourbons: Baker’s, Booker’s, Basil Hayden, and Knob Creek.

Baker’sis for the enthusiasts looking for a higher proof, full bodied bourbon.

Basil Hayden is bottled at 80 proof. A lighter bourbon and great crossover for Canadian whiskey lovers.

Booker’s is bottled at barrel proof…and proven to accelerate chest hair growth on young whiskey enthusiasts. Tread with caution.

Knob Creek is a 9-year, 100 proof spirit. For those that enjoy older bourbons relative to the base Jim Beam variety. Also a great companion during Hurricanes Florence shenanigans.

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*Not pictured is Booker's Bourbon. Too many Office guests have become victims of it's fiery wrath!

Talk about going 4 for 4 in World Series! All four were a hit and laid down a marketing blueprint for other small batch labels to emulate.

Boom! Another shot of knowledge!